Friday, January 2, 2009

Zipper Leaders

Yesterday, Matt and I added the zippers to my leaders. I was dreading do this, but it turn out to be much easier than I thought. And boy do I love my zippers! I loaded and quilted both of the charity quilts today. They are small quilts, one is 40 inches square and the other about 38 inches square. I quilted whimsy with hearts on the first and did a meander on the second and a scrolling feather in the small outer boarder.

Matt also added a hanging fluorescent light fixture above my longarm. The guy at Home Depot could not believe that we were buying their cheapest fixture and most expensive tubes. We put OTT lite tubes in it and it is WONDERFUL! Not really my decorating style, but at least I can see to quilt. We could not decide on what to do long term, so we decided to take care of the issue in a way that we could take the fixture down if we every decide to sell the house.

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