Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another quilt done!

I put this quilt on the frame last night. I was not sure what I wanted to do and the piecer said that I could do whatever I wanted. So I decide to play with a new border I had seen. It is a freehand ribbon design that I found in Darlene Epp's Pocket Guide to Freehanding.
Here's a picture from the back of the quilt. I am really enjoying doing freehand work.

Another same that I tried on this quilt is roses. Due to the fabric on the front of the quilt I could not get a good picture, but I was able to get a close up on the back of the quilt. I quilted whimsy with roses in the floral toile sections of the quilt and whimsy with hearts in the heart sections of the quilt. I isolated a heart in the light green squares because the quilting in those squares will actually show due to the color of the thread. I also did a c wave in the small inner border.

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