Claudia Pfeil Workshop

We are so excited to host international award winning quilter Claudia Pfeil for a (P)Fantastic Adventure.   Claudia will be teaching four hands-on machine quilting classes here at Thread Waggle Quilting. Her classes will cover a variety of quilting techniques, like modern filler designs, creating spaces, and finding your inner quilting diva. Our classes will be hands-on, using our awesome APQS longarms, and they are designed for all skill levels for both sit down and stand up machine quilters.   If you would prefer to use a sit down machine, please email so that we can schedule you to use our APQS George during class.  

We are adding more classes this year.   She will be teaching 3 2-day sets of classes.   The longarm sets are $500 each, the silk experience is $550.  All classes include handouts, kits (if needed) and a deli lunch.  

April 15&16 will be a repeat of last years classes:

  • A2Z
  • Bubbles, Curves and Straight Lines - A Way to Modern Quilting!
  • Paisley Parade
  • Sketching with Threads
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April 17&18 are new classes:

  • Pfun, Pfeiling Pfeathers (we are doing an extensive full day option on this one!)
  • Gambling with Echos
  • Modern (p)Freemotion
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April 19 & 20

Learn how to piece with silk fabric.  Claudia will be teaching the techniques she uses to piece her fabulous show quilts.  This really is a once in a life time class!  We are included the kit as part of the class, the kit alone would be $150.  
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The $500 class fee covers your longarm class ($550 for the Silk Experience), handouts, kit (if needed) and a deli lunch.  ** Please read our Cancellation Policy prior to registering for the class.  

Keep scrolling for more information on the individual classes....

The classes that Claudia will be teaching at Thread Waggle Quilting are... 


A2Z quilting as simple as writing your alphabet! This is a new and innovative idea using the alphabet as the basis of a brand new quilting motif. It can be used in borders, blocks or an all-over design. This is a perfect class for beginners and anyone looking for something new for customers.
Take something as simple as ABC´s and make it an elegant quilting design. Transform your handwriting into design! You won´t believe your eyes when you complete this awesome class.  It doesn´t look like letters anymore!

Bubbles, Curves, and Straight Lines – A Way to Modern Quilting!

Claudia will teach the students an array of background fillers for use in abstract and interlocking areas. The textures will give a modern touch to the quilt. Combined with traditional designs and geometric motives the quilting draws the attention to the textures.

Paisley Parade

Paisleys are the new (P)feathers… Come and learn how you can transform the ordinary background feathers into something phenomenal with paisleys! Paisleys in a row, as a filler, as a single motif– let´s start the Paisley (P)fun ! Step by step instruction, easy to follow and to play with your own creativity!

Sketching with Threads

How to draw motives by structures? We will develop a landscape just with quilting structures. For example – beach, water, houses, trees and leaves, flowers and grass are easy to "draw" with the Longarm machine! Be creative!

„Pfun Pfeiling Pfeathers“ - Feathers in Borders and Blocks
The "Pfun Pfeiling Pfeather -Style" is much easier than you might think! Just try without any fear the freemotion (P)feathers and you will be surprised about your success! So many variations are possible and they are wonderful to use in blocks and borders! Basic for all my feather classes!  We will be doing a full day of AWESOME feathers!

Gambling with echoes
Having a simple quilting design - you will be taught to make an opulent , spectacular looking motive out of it! Just by echoing with different spaces, fillings and lines ,curved or straight, narrowed or wide opened,rolling or coltish - there is no limitation ! Have fun and play with echoes!

Modern (P)Freemotion Wholecloth
Starting with a centered circle we will create beautiful quilting designs in predrawn areas: The space is the limit! Borders and corners will be combined – matching to the center,background filler are enhancing the trapunto effects.

The Silk Experience!

In Full Bloom.... An Awesome opportunity to learn some more of Claudia's award winning techniques.  This is a totally unique class and Claudia does not teach her piecing techniques anywhere else in the world, so don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity.

Over the two days we will be using an exclusively created design by Claudia.  You will learn how to handle silk in different techniques including free cutting: round shapes, straight lines, different styles and motifs, layering and working into the background.  And depending on how far we are get: Quilting ideas and textures. 

A silk kit consisting of colors in the them of "Impressionistic Garden"... yellow/red/orange/violets/green turquoise /blue.  Approx. 4 m in 25 different colors prepared by Claudia is essential for this retreat and will be in the region of 130 Euros.  (The kit is included in your class fee for the Raleigh class!)

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