Quilt Path Camp @ Sea

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What is Quilt Path Camp?
Quilt Path Camp is a boot-camp style class that will cover the entire software.  We will be covering Pantograph Quilting, Custom Quilting, using QuiltCAD to lay out a quilt and using PatternCAD to design our own unique designs.

Why such a large ship?
The awesome thing about large ships is that they have a LOT of activities that you can participate in outside of class.   And they also have conference rooms that have doors that lock so that we can keep our systems secured when we are not in the room.   It is also difficult to find a cruise ship that will allow you to bring something as large as a longarm with our for a cruise.  RCCL has welcomed us with open arms, and other then a lot of confusion about what a longarm actually is, they are excited about having us on board.  

I have never been on a cruise what can I expect?
Cruising is fun!  You are on vacation and the cruise line wants you to enjoy your time on board.  There will be shows in the evenings.  There is even an high driving show on this cruise!  Your "hotel room" move with you as you travel from port to port.    There will be lots of excursion you can choose from on port days, you can choose to do the island on your own, or have a quiet time on the ship while most of the passengers are in port.   We will doing our classes during the day on sea days so you can still enjoy all the evening entertainment available on the ship.  

Tell me about the ship we are going on...
The Symphony of the Seas is Royal Caribbean Cruise Line's newest ship.   It is set up in a neighborhood style, with different themes, like Central Park.  There is a multiple story atrium that runs in the center of most of the ship, with cabins overlooking it.  There are water slides, rock climbing wall,  ziplines and a wave surfer for our adventure seekers.  And lots of venues overlooking the ocean for those of us that want a more relaxed time.  They have several broadway style shows during the cruise.  On the upper deck there a lounge chairs surrounding pools.

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