Sunday, September 6, 2015

Tech Sunday - Quilt Path Basics Videos

I was trying to think of how to describe how I get pantographs that have circles in them to quilt as circles and not ellipses.  I told Matt, it would be easier to make a video then to try to put it in words.   Which is how I ended up with a new camcorder, my father-in-laws photography tripod and got to learn how to edit video.  I am not sure it if was "easier", but I did get to play with video editing software, so that made my tech brain happy.  

What topic would you like to see covered in my next video?   Post a comment!  I will be picking one of the comments to cover soon. 


  1. Just watched your video - it was fabulous! Watching from the UK far away from your Quilt Path Boot Camp, so happy to see anything. Many thanks Angela (+ camera person).

  2. Great video! Thanks for explaining that.

  3. Great video. How about borders and corners for the next video. I have a problem getting the concept, therefore I always do E2E, panto

    1. Carol, I am working on one for borders. I have a design that I use a lot for inside borders that I will probably start with. I am trying to juggle taping something in current version and having to redo it after the nest update. Plus I kind of need to be in Raleigh to tape, which has been an issue lately. :) I have dedicated taping dates starting in January so that will hopefully speed up the process on my end.

  4. Brilliant video Angela, learnt a lot, thank you

  5. I am looking forward to your videos Angela. I like to see how things are done to confirm what i have read in all the articles on your website and others. For some reason its easier for me to remember. My brain is getting old and forgetful unfortunately.