Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tech Sunday- How to Copy and Merge Designs

The first Quilt Path Camp is over.  We thought everyone might like to see one of the exercises that we did during camp.  Not only did we learn about Quilt Path, we made new friends.  It is a little hard for me to believe that I will not be seeing these ladies all the time.  I could not have asked for a better group of ladies for the first class.  Thank you all for taking a risk on the unknown and for working so hard while you were here.  And remember Duckie is watching you! 

Now on to the tutorial...

Go into Design & Create – Pattern
Select you Pattern.  For this example we are using the stock Pattern Block-N-Block.
Block-N-Block has a center start we will need to move it to the edge so that we can merge it together. 
Make sure your nodes are on and that no nodes are selected.  We are going to select the node on the right center of the block.  To select the single node, draw a box around the single node.   You want only that one node to be solid.  Then tap on Tool – Move Start Point.

The node should now have the green start point circle around it. Now that you have the start point where you want it, we want to make a copy of our block on the bottom layer.  So click on Layers on the File Menu bar at the top of the program and the tap on Copy to Bottom Layer.  

This will give you two copies of your design on top of each other.  We need to flip the top design to put the start point on the left So on the right of the program, under Pattern| Edit, Tap Select All – Flip and the top choice which is Flip Horizontal. 
This will give you the start point on the left side. 
Now we want to move our design on the active level so that it is to the right of the design on the bottom layer. You want to move the two designs so that the start points touch. 

It may be easier to do this if you turn off your Nodes, Zoom in, change your step to Tiny and use the arrow buttons.  Once you have it where you want it, Tap on the Layers | Merge button on the bottom left side of the screen. 

Both designs are now on the same level.  

Tap on Optimize. 
You will want to optimize the design to take out the jump stitches and to connect the end point to the start point.  Remember that last question that we normally say no to when we are optimizing, in this case say YES. 
You can keep copying and merging designs to make a border.
Have fun!

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tech Sunday - Pattern Placement Using Center of Block

On a recent custom quilt, I needed to put some extra quilting into the center of a wreath.  I used Quilt Path to put two concentric circles into the center of the block.  In this case the center had seam intersections so it required no marking by me.  I love when things are quick, easy and effective!

There is a quirky thing with Quilt Path, that if you try to place a pattern using the center point in Select & Sew Pattern, it will place at 8.5 inches.  No matter what size you create it.  So we need to place this either as a Quilt or as Panto.  Today, I am going to show you how to place it as a Panto.

Go into Design & Create Panto, switch to Basic Mode and set up a panto that is the size you want your motif.  In this case I want the outside circle to be 4 inches so I set up a 4 by 4 block.

Once you have your panto set up, tap on the Quilt as a Single Pattern button.  This will bring you into Quilt Motion with Pattern setting options.  Tap on the Settings button and change to One Point - Center.
This will allow you to mark the center of your block and quilt the block the size you have chosen. 

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Tech Sunday - Sashing

For this tutorial, I am assuming that you know how to set up a Panto.  I have set up a panto, using Basic Mode that is 2 inches by 12 inches.  I used stock pattern that comes with Quilt Path called Curl Wave.

So far this is pretty straight forward.  Once you get the panto looking the way you want to you will click on Quilt as a Single Pattern.  

This will give you the same setting option that you get when you are placing a single motif in Select & Sew Pattern. 
When you go into Settings you will see all of the block setting options.  I have chosen four points because I find it easier to set sashings with this option.  
You can then set the sashing in any direction you need it to quilt.  

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Showroom Hours update

I came in this morning to the roof being replaced, over a week early.  So now, all the quilts are off the walls and everything is covered with drop cloths.  There is really nothing that we can do here right now, so we will be closed today and tomorrow.   I will be here Monday cleaning and getting everything set back up for Quilt Path Camp which starts on Tuesday.

Next week is Quilt Path Camp at the Raleigh Showroom.  We will be closed so that I can teach all of next week.

We will reopen for our normal hours on Tuesday, September 30th.  

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Congratulations to our Grand Prize Basket winner!

Congratulations to Kathy H. of Raleigh!  She won the Grand Prize basket at the APQS Raleigh Showroom Grand Opening.  

Kathy won...
  • $500 cash discount on any APQS Longarm
  • Free 4-hour Rental Certification Class, including
    • Free Rental Zipper Set
    • Free 4 hour rental session
    • Free Package of Needles
  • Starter Thread Pack 
  • APQS T-shirt
  • Pantograph Pattern
  • Machine Quilting Books
  • Starter Pins
  • Scissors
Thank you to everyone that came out to make this event special!  It has been a great two days!