Sunday, August 17, 2014

Tech Sunday - PatternCAD - Transform Group

We are back in PatternCAD exploring the Pattern | Edit feature.  You can get to PatternCAD from the Home screen by choosing Pattern under the Design & Create heading.  
You will need to either draw a quick design or select a pattern before tapping Pattern | Edit.
 With Nodes showing, tap on the Transform Group button.
 There are 3 ways that you can transform the group: Stretch, Skew & Warp.
The stretch option allows you to stretch the pattern.  Tapping and dragging the circles in the corner will make the entire design larger or smaller.  Tapping and dragging the blue squares will make enlarge or reduce the directions that you are working on at that moment.
Now let's go back to our original design and look at the Skew option.
The Skew option allows you to transform the design by tapping and dragging the circles in the corners.  It will affect the area of the pattern that corresponds with the circle.
 Now let's look go back to the original pattern, one more time, and look at the Warp option.
The Warp option allows you to warp the pattern using the 4 corner nodes and the additional 8 side blue squares. Each of the corner circles and each of the blue boxes moves the area of the design it corresponds to independently and will apply its effect to that portion of the pattern.
You can also switch between the option as needed to get the design to transform into the shape you desire.

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