Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tech Sunday - Block Lock

Block Lock can help you when you are trying to set something within a space.  To view this feature, from the Home screen go to Select & Sew | Pattern.  Select a triangle pattern.
Then click on settings and choose Multi-Point and Border Fill Method.
 The triangle design will disappear for the next part, but it will come back on it's own later.
 Draw your shape.  I drew this very wonky hexagon.  But you could also trace a shape on your quilt top.  Just move the first point, tap add point and work your way around the shape adding points.
 Once you have the shape you want tap the Lock Block button.  Notice your shape turns purple.  Now you can use it to set your triangle.  Go back into Settings and choose your Triangle setting.
 As you can see I found the center of my shape and am using the sides to place my triangle.  This means that I can place multiple triangles into my hexagon.
Here is the second triangle.  This feature gives us many possibilities in how we are setting designs into shapes. Time to go and play!

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