Sunday, June 8, 2014

Tech Sunday - Virtual Longarm

Have you been wondering how to do border with Quilt Path?  Or how to quilt a custom quilt in it's entirety?  How about just wondering what was up with the Quilt option on the Home Screen?  What is Virtual Longarm?  Those are some of the questions that came up when I asked the Quilt Path Users Group on Facebook for ideas for Tech Sunday posts.  They are all awesome questions!  And at first I was elated, FOUR future posts idea! Woo Hoo!  Then I started researching.  They are all related!

There will be a couple post to cover this, I am starting with Virtual Longarm.  That way the people that can figure out how to use the Quilt feature can start using the feature quickly.   To make sure that everyone can use the tutorial I created a quilt that can be opened in Quilt Path.  Finally it gives us a little more time for the Border feature to be released.   To really get fancy wrapped borders to work we need the new feature.  But this will let us break up side borders so that we don't have to turn our quilts, while we are waiting.

You will also be seeing more of the information of my post in PDF files.  I am doing this because people have asked if there is a way to get a printable copy.  I am such a tech geek I never even imagined anyone would want to print the information.

There are two files for this tutorial.
Duckie Quilt
Virtual Longarm

Duckie Quilt is something that I threw together to see if I could make a quilt in the Quilt feature.  Dog bone border with ducks in the blocks.  That is what happens when you do not plan ahead!  Just to show I am a good sport, I quilted a smaller version of the Duckie Quilt.  I can now tell you that if you decide to quilt this, you want to make the blocks smaller.   To use Duckie Quilt you will need to download the zipped file.  Inside it you will find two files, copy them into you Quilt Path - Quilts folder.  Then you can go into Design & Create - Quilts then Select Quilt.  Go into the Quilt folder and open Duckie.

Once you either have Duckie in the Quilts feature, or have designed your own quilt, start with the Virtual Longarm tutorial.

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