Saturday, June 28, 2014

Tech Sunday - Measure your Quiltable Space Height

I had a friend hit a small issue recently.  She had a customer that wanted a pantograph quilted very loosely.  What she did not anticipate is that she actually set the height of the pantograph larger then she could quilt.   The first row quilted, but she could not get the fill in row to quilt.  She wisely went back into Pantostacker and decreased the row height.  While she was able to resolve the issue without using a seam ripper, this is a great learning moment for all of us.  Now is a good time for us to figure out what Quilt Path thinks the measurement is between your Leveler bar and Quilt Top bar.  

The next time you are in Pantostacker, take the time to use the Ruler Feature to learn your measurement.  You will want to keep all design heights smaller then this measurement in the future.  

If you need information on how to use the Ruler Feature click on the link above.  It goes to a blog post that covers this feature.  

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