Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Tech Sunday - Avoiding Applique

I know it has been a long time, but I wrote a tutorial on how to do background fills and avoid objects inside the block.  And I am not going to wait until next Sunday to post it.   Since I haven't done a Quilt Path post in a month and everyone has been patient with me, I thought you all deserved a reward!

Avoiding Applique Tutorial


  1. I have tried to resize the block pattern to 9.5 inches but I don't see where the numbers show. What am I missing? The tutorial is great by the way. Beth Lane

  2. It is going to depend a little on what setting you are using. I will usually go into Design and Create Quilt and set my Block size to the size I want. Then I Select the Pattern I want. Highlight on of the block and Place Pattern. Then with the block still highlighted I tap Quilt. This will bring only the single block I have highlighted into Quilt Motion. It will also give it a size so that QP is quilting a 7.5 inch block even if I am doing a one point setting.

  3. This is a great technique...I think I will book mark it and hope to find some time to get back to it.