Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tech Sunday - How to Create a Panto in Quilt Path

This week what I am covering it is a little too long for a traditional blog post.  I have created a tutorial on how to use the fonts that come with Quilt Path, link them together to make the continuous designs and make them into a pantograph.

Click here to download the tutorial.

I have Quilt Path installed on my laptop.  All drawing in the tutorial was done with a mouse.  The smooth feature took care of most of my messiness.  I think the drawing would be easier with the stylus and tablet, but it is possible to do it either way. 

You can also tilt your elements to give you a scattered look and this is covered in the tutorial.  

As always, feedback and comments are appreciated.  Ideas for what to cover regarding Quilt Path are welcomed!

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