Sunday, December 8, 2013

December Posting

I am having a hard time believing that it is already a week into December.   I have decided that this year my December is going to be focused on my family.  I will not be posting any Tech Sunday posts until after Christmas.   I will use any free time I find myself with to work on future posts so that we are ready for more Quilt Path fun in the new year.

2013 has been an awesome year here at Thread Waggle Quilting!  As I look back it does not seem possible that I did everything that happened this year.  Traveling all over North Carolina with my friend, and fellow APQS dealer, Sheri of Maxine and Me Quilting has been awesome!  It is hard work, but we have so much fun doing it!

On top of teaching longarm quilting classes, I have been fortunate to teach domestic free motion quilting classes at Wish Upon A Quilt.  I love teaching.  And if anyone has been around me for more then a second, they know that if you ask me a quilting question you are going to be there for a while.

I had been thinking about adding a computer to my longarm for several years.  Adding Quilt Path to my business has been the best thing I have done since I purchased my APQS Millennium!  I am still amazed at how it has changed my business.  I think the thing that has surprised me the most is how much less stress I have in my life.

The one thing that has added stress is deciding to Co-Chair the CQG/CLA quilt show that is coming up in March 2014.  I knew it would be a lot of work but I never imagined it would take the amount of time that it has.  It has all been worth it because I have gotten to know quite a few people in both groups that I did not know before.  I am blessed to be surrounded by a group of talented quilters!

On top of all of that, I have been quilting up a storm!

I am looking forward to getting to relax and spend time with Matt and my parents over the next couple weeks.  Then Matt and I will get to spend time with his family, where all of the focus is on those amazing 4 year old twins!

I have already started making plans for 2014.  So hold onto your hats because we are in for a very fun, wild ride!

Wishing your and your family a Merry Christmas and a wonderful 2014!

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