Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tech Sunday - Quilt Path Last Row Issue Fixes

Every longarm quilter feels joy when the bottom border of a quilt is in the quilting area on their frame.  I just love know that I am almost done. I want nothing to crush that happiness.  

Occasionally, I am just having one of those days, when I did not get the length of the quilt quite right.  It is not a huge problem if the quilt is shorter then what I entered.  I just let it quilt a little bit lower onto the batting, or use the skew corners buttons.  But what if the quilt is 4 inches longer? If it is close, I can still use the skew buttons, but that will warp the panto and it is not always aesthetically pleasing.  (Read that as it would look so bad I could never let it leave my studio.)  

I basically have a choice here, waste a little bit more of the backing fabric or having the quilt not look the way I want it to. I am going for the quilt itself looking right every time.  We request the extra backing so that we can use it if needed.  This is one of those times!

This is one of those times that the PS Placement feature comes in handy.  This is where you can trick Quilt Path into quilting an extra row. I linked to the post about how this feature is used above, so I am just going to jump in and tell you what I do.  I make sure that I have my alignment spot marked, so that I can use it after I change rows.  Then I go in and click the minus button, which lets me re-quilt the previous row.  The Placement Map will still show the original number of rows, but my quilt will have an additional row added on to it.   

This normally means that I am not quilting the fill-in row at the bottom, the last row (when it is a partial row) or that the last row is quilting several inches off the bottom of the quilt.   It is all about getting the actual quilt to look right.   Remember, you don't have to quilt it just because it on the screen. Even if there are more rows showing when the quilt is quilted, just tap the big red X and close Quilt Motion.  


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge of quilting here. I am having trouble accessing the information on the link you mentioned above (PS Placement). It gives me a page that says I am not authorized to view this link. How can I access this? Thank you for your assistance and, again, for sharing your wealth of quilting information.

    1. Mary Alice,

      Thanks for the comment. The pesky link is working on my end so I am not sure why it is giving you an issue. It is linking to my post from 11/10/2013 titled Changing Rows in Quilt Path.

      The PS Placement "button" is on the bottom left of the Quilt Motion screen . It looks like an information box, but when you click on on it shows your the rows of your quilt.

      If I can ever help feel free to ask!