Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tech Sunday - Changing Rows in Quilt Path

This is for the times that you accidentally hit that little red X at the top left of the Quilt Motion screen and end up back in Quilt Cad.  I still do it every once and a while.  I think I am in the optimize screen and then bad words happen and I have to click on Send by Row again.  In future posts I will talk about how to realign, but for this one I am going on the assumption that you have marked the center and that mark is just sitting there waiting for you to hit the centering button on the placement screen.

Once Quilt Motion comes back up, the design is in the top left of the Safe Area.  If you do not have partial rows on this quilt you could just move the machine to the center, tap the center button and keep going.  In a perfect world it would not matter that you actually had just finished the 3 row of 10.  But in my world it does matter.  Because I like undulating pantos and there is almost always a partial row at the top of my quilts.  

On the bottom right of the Quilt Motion screen you will see what looks like a white information box.  Yes, it has been there the whole time you have owned Quilt Path.  It was not obvious to me that it is actually a button.  But you will notice that the last sentence says "Tap here to view Pattern Map".
Once you tap it, it shows which row you are on.
Right now I am on the first row, but let's say before I closed out, I had just finished the third row.  If I click the plus button it will move the rows down the screen. Once the forth row is highlighted, I can move my machine to the center mark, tap the center button and I am ready to quilt.  

This gets a little more confusing when you have an undulating panto that has a fill-in row at the top.  To understand what the placement screen is going to do, I want you to think about how Quilt Path would actually quilt this.  It is going to quilt the first row and then quilt the fill in row above it.  Then go to the second full row.  When you tap the plus button, it will do the same thing, it will highlight the fill-in row.  When you tap the plus button again, the second full row will become highlighted.

The minus button takes you the opposite way, or back up the quilt.  And remember, if you go in to see what this screen does, and then want to start quilting, you will want to use the placements buttons to make sure that your are aligned correctly.  


  1. Angela - Maybe a silly question, but what is a undulating panto? What does undulating mean in this regard?

    Thanks so much-

    1. Penny,

      It is not a silly question at all! If you look at the stock pantos in Quilt Path you will notice that they are all pretty straight. This means that when you quilt them you will probably be able to see the lines of quilting. These types of pantos are often called Border to Border (B2B) Pantos. They are great to use if you are doing the inside of the quilt as a panto, but want to do border treatments. Because you will be getting the top of the panto close to the to top border seam and you don't have to do insets.

      An undulating panto has a soft wave to it. When I use them I typically take the "fit" off and let the pantos fill in the blank parts at the top and the bottom of the quilt. When you look at quilts that are quilting with these pantos, it is harder to tell where you rows start and stop. My goal is to not have the "gutter" between my rows be noticeable. This is easier to accomplish with a panto that has a soft wave then it is with one that is created straight.