Thursday, October 24, 2013

Quilt Path - How to make a circle

First off, I want to talk about quilting a circle.  If you are using a circle template on your longarm, you might think you are quilting a perfect circle.  After all, if you did it well, it looks like a circle.  Here is the rub, stitches don't bend, they are straight! So that circle you just quilted is actually a polygon with lots of very tiny straight sides. 

I never thought of that until today, but it is true.  Every curve we quilt is made up of straight stitches, because stitches don't bend.  The smaller your stitches are, the more sides you have and the closer you get to a true circle. 

So how do get Quilt Path to make a circle for us?   Now that we know that any circle we quilt is actually a polygon in disguise, the steps to do this are pretty straight forward.   

From your Home page, in Design & Create choose the Pattern button.

This will bring up PatternCad.  On the right side click on the EZ button.

Now choose the Polygon button.

When the Polygon screen opens you will see a triangle.  At this point you should be having flashbacks to high school geometry.  You can either hit the plus sign 47 times, or click on the number and you will be able to enter 50.  

It looks like a circle! 

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