Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tech Sunday - Manual Mode

One of the best things that was ever invented for a longarm is the Stitch Regulator.  They are wonderful.  I love that mine will keep my stitches even no matter how fast or slow I go, and in every direction.  But recently I have found myself using it less and less.   I really think the reason for this is that I have spent the last five years listening to the motor on my longarm and have made it a game to see if I can keep it form revving when I am using the stitch regulator.  

So now when I go into Manual Mode, it is no big deal.  I just quilt smaller and much faster.  My challenge for you this week is to put some practice cloth on your frame and spend some time playing without your stitch regular.  Just relax and do it.  It gets to where it is almost a zen experience.  My new game is to see how small I can make my motifs.  It is so much fun!

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