Sunday, June 16, 2013

Tech Sunday - Realigning Quilt Path After Power Outage

Thursday a huge storm blew through the NC.  With winds gusting up to 80 miles per hour.  It was unreal.  I knew it was coming so what happened was really my own fault.  Luckily the quilt on the frame was one of my Mom's.  It is not like the quilt was damaged and I was actually talking to my mom on the phone when I realized that I was going to have to stop Quilt Path about half way through a pass and take shelter in my laundry room.  We have really tall trees in our backyard..  They are quite a ways from the house, but when a pine tree that is around hundred feet tall is bending and coming close to your house it is not time to play with your longarm.  It is a good thing I bailed when I did because we lost power about minutes later.

I did save the file I was working on.  I have been doing this ever time before I transfer the file to Quilt Motion and it will now be something that always happens.  I also take a quick picture of the Panto screen with my phone before I hit the Quilt By Row button so I can set it back up if needed.   All I really needed to do was to figure out how to get it to start where I stopped.  I was just over half way across the row and had removed the painter tape that I use to align the row.  If it had still been there this would have been a little easier.  Because in that case when the file was transferred to Quilt Motion all I would have had to do is use the repair pattern, closest stitch button.    Since that mark was gone I needed to realign the pass manually.  I did this by working with the left top align button I got it close then I traced forward about an inch stopped, traced back to the beginning and used the nudge buttons to get the needle over where I started.  Then I used that wonderful closest stitch button.  

Since this is something that I had worried about before it ever happened, I am kind of glad that it happened and I found a way to work the situation.  That way I no longer need to worry about it.  

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