Sunday, June 9, 2013

Tech Sunday - Quilt Path

I have tried to figure out how to get the post that are showing in my Blogger app on my iPad as posted to actually post.  I am officially giving up and just retyping them.  So here is the post that should have posted several weeks ago. 

The long awaited day finally arrived! My poor UPS driver had to come by twice due to software issues on their end, but in the end I finally got the box I had been tracking for days!
It may not look excited, but it is!  Really, it is!  I was kind of worried since that far right corner is crushed but everything was perfect inside.
On the left you see the new narrow carriage that holds all the Quilt Path stuff inside it.  It is amazing how clean the install looks.  Then there is the box with the new Windows Surface tablet.  That got opened immediately and played with.  

This is the box that caused me to pause.  What have I gotten myself into... That is a LOT of cables.   And there is also a new circuit board for my beloved Millie.  I am so in love!

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