Sunday, December 30, 2012

Tech Sunday - End of Year

This is the last Tech Sunday post for 2012.  Right now I am working on getting all my paper work wrapped up for sending to my CPA.  It is amazing to me how long it takes me to get everything together to send in.  I try really hard to make sure I have everything up to date through out the year.  I have done post on how I use Google Drive (used to be Google Docs) to track things like my mileage so all I have to do is create the equation to sum that column.   That takes maybe a minute.  It is gather all the utility bills that usually gets me.  I hate doing that.  It's not like it's hard and most if it is online. I just need to get organized enough to do it quarterly so all I have to do is create the equation.

That is my goal this year.  To get my business organized to where the paper work does not get out of control.  I have been working on cleaning the office and getting rid of paperwork for 3 days.  That is no fun at all.

We have ordered an additional desk for the office.  It will be here this week.  Our current set up is just not working.  We have a u-shaped which was designed for one person and two of us have been using it for the last 7-8 years.  It was what would fit at the old house and we just put it up here and left it.  I did not take a before shot of the office, but picture every surface covered with paper and then throw in random quilts, quilting stuff, and boxes... everywhere.  No wonder that those doors stay shut. It had become a really big, unorganized closet with huge window at the front of the house.

We have packed away all the old paper worked to be stored in our storage closet upstairs.  I have gotten as much as I can get done for the taxes until paperwork starts coming in next month.  And I have cleaned out a bunch of useless stuff.  Who still needs 3.5 floppy disks?  I have a box of unused ones.  Yikes! And cables that were out of date before the Millennium.

So for the Tech Sunday, take some times to get your your home office in order.  I will take before and after picture of the office set up.  I was not brave enough to take a before of the mess.  

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