Monday, September 24, 2012

On the frame today

I am a bad Aunt. My sister, Mom and I worked on a T-shirt quilt for my nephew last Christmas while we were at my parents house in Florida. The top was done before I came home. All I needed to do is actually quilt it. Life and business has gotten in the way. Today I decided it was THE DAY. And here is proof that not only is the quilt on my frame, but that I actually did start quilting it. Before you think the poor boy has been freezing waiting on his quilt, he has other quilts. After all he has 3 quilters in his family. But what is the benefit of having a longarmer as an Aunt if you can even get your quilt quilted. Of course my sister, Mom and I all have quilts sitting in my closet from before my sister started this project. I promise the quilt will be on it's way soon. I may even mail the thread I got for my sister at MQS.

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