Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New Studio

I can't believe that we have only been her for 3 weeks.  I am still working on getting things put away in my studio.  It is taking longer then I wanted it to, but then I have been steadily quilting customer quilts and putting things away when I get a chance.  I love my new space.  I have windows across one entire wall.  It is so bright that I don't have to use any lights for most of the day.  The only issue is that the wall of windows faces due west so the sun beats into the room from about 4PM to sundown.
The first picture is the view from the hallway into my studio.  

This picture is from the corner when my DSM is toward my longarm.

I have only gotten one quilt hung so far you can see part of it on right behind my longarm.  My design wall in the first picture is actually centered between 2 windows.  I also have a large walk in closet and a powder room in my studio.


  1. Hi Angela, lucky you to have such a beautiful space in which to create. I see you every once in awhile at Wish Upon a Quilt, and I remember how excited you were to move in. We are moving soon, too, and I'm hoping to find a house with a large enough space to spread out. Question: I've always wanted a design wall. What is yours made of and what did you cover it with? I've heard alot about homasote and am wondering if that is what you used. Happy quilting! Nancy Neustrom (you quilted my Mom's sampler quilt last Fall)

  2. Nancy,

    I used the blue insulation board from Home Depot. It is about an inch thick. I got Flannel sheets on sale in the spring. I think it was about a $40 project. Worth every penny! :)