Sunday, March 7, 2010

Olympic Challenge Quilt - Better late than never!

Yes, I knew I was crazy to even attempt to do an entire quilt during the Olympics.  And, yes, I knew that I had just loaded a custom quilt and that I probably would not be able to actually get the challenge quilt on the frame.  I was actually very happy to just get the top pieced before the closing ceremony started last week.  Funny thing is most of the other people doing the challenge did not actually get their quilts done either.  Nancy  did finish her beautiful Day and Night quilt. You can see pictures of it on her blog.

Anna of extended the challenge because most of us did not get our quilts finished.   So not only did I finish the custom quilt I have been working on,   I also finished another customer quilt that I delivered on Saturday and I quilted my Challenge quilt.  It a true study in neutral batiks.  
This is only small section of the quilt.  It is twin sized.  I did say that I knew I crazy right?  

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  1. Congratulations on finishing the quilt! It's beautiful! And I am glad I extended the deadline. It's a lot more fun when we can be flexible as a group and have more people participate.