Saturday, February 13, 2010

It snowed....AGAIN!

One of the nice things about living where we do is that it very rarely snows. Snow is a big deal here. Everything closes down. People stay home. It basically closes down the city. We get excited when it is in the forecast. The grocery stores run out of milk and beer. We usually get snowflakes at least once every winter, but hardly ever get any accumulation. You can tell just driving by someones house if they are new to the area. Because the actually own a snow shovel. For the first couple years that we lived here we were the only house on the street that had shoveled their drive and walks, now we fit right in. It is going to melt anyway so why bother... And it usually does melt fast. So this year is going to stick out because not only was their still snow on my roof and in shady areas from our last snow storm, but I woke up to more.
For the record, I love snow. I call my mom with snow reports. I do the happy dance when it starts snowing. I LOVE SNOW! But the fact remains that I also love not having to shovel it


  1. What I love best about snow days in Raleigh is not only does everything shut down, but it makes for a perfect day for sewing!

  2. I'm with you! We brought one shovel with us from NJ and I'm determined not to use it. :-)