Friday, October 2, 2009

Two Down...

I finished the second Christmas Wreath quilt Wednesday evening.  I have enough room to load the third onto the same backing so I did.  I am almost finished with it as well.  The first 2 were custom, the second is more of an an all over with 2 border treatments.   I can't stop my self and I did SID both of the borders on all of the quilts.  I just really like the way it looks and it does a good job in stabilizing the quilt.  I am going to load a tablerunner on next and then a different Christmas wallhanging.  I just need a break before attacking Christmas Wreaths 4, 5, & 6.  

I will take picture of #2 & 3 when they come off the frame.  I don't think that #1 and #2 will look different from each other from the front.  Since the thread matchs well you really can't see what I did in the borders on the front of #2, but it will definately show on the back. 

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