Sunday, September 27, 2009

Quilting on the Wild Side

I have recently decided that I love black and white quilts. They always seem to look crisp and clean.  I got to quilt one last month that the has dalmation print Minkie as the backing fabric.  Boy does Minkie shed.  I must have lint brushed that quilt 40 times to try to get the fibers off the front.  I like the weight that they Minkee gives the quilt.  The texture is just makes you want to cuddle with it.

I liked the border treatment that I did on this quilt.  It kind of looks like the fiddle head scroll on a violin.  It is hard to see the block quilting, even in person.  You can see it on the back of the quilt because Minkee gets a sculpted look when it is quilted.   While you can't see the quilt pattern in my picture, it is College Bound by Anything But Boring.  Janice does a terrific job designing her patterns.  I did not even recognize the pattern at first because it looks so different made out of black and white.

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