Saturday, August 1, 2009

One busy happy girl!

I have been actually piecing the last week. My sister-in-law is expecting twins and I have been working on 2 quilts. During the planning and construction phase I am referring to them as Baby Boy quilt and Baby Girl quilt. I am about half way done piecing Baby Boy quilt. I am really hoping that I can get it done and on the frame tomorrow. I have a couple of customer quilts that will have to be done next week that will delay me getting started on Baby Girl quilt. My parents are coming for a visit and that means more quilts are on the way. Which is wonderful. I am going to have to schedule in time to finish both quilts so that they are done before the twins are in college. :)

The quilt colors are gold, beige, various shades of blue, teal and sage green. I am trying to add a brown too. The Baby girl quilt will also have some pink and purple. The quilts are very different. The boy quilt is pieced and is really pretty traditional. The girl quilt is pieced with applique over it and is more contemporary. I am using a lot of the same fabrics in both to tie the 2 quilts together. My mom is going to help me make crib skirts while she is here next week.

I flew into Pittsburgh, PA yesterday. My in-laws are moving to NC and I went to pick up one of their vehicles and drive it down for them. Other then getting lost in Pittsburgh and ending up on the turnpike instead of I-79 things went well. Round trip from my house was 14 hours. And that included being early for my flight in Raleigh. It was nice being able to help out. Matt is currently riding down in the UHaul with his cousin. I think my trip was much more enjoyable then theirs will be.

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