Monday, June 1, 2009

NC Symposium

The NC Quilt Symposium was held last weekend at Peace College in Raleigh. The quilts were beautiful! I got to spend time with Ye Olde Forest Quilters, who brought their Lenni in for everyone to try out. Thanks to Joanne and Kelley for letting me spend time in their booth and supporting me as a new dealer!

Since my guild was hosting the event this year, I also got to see more of the day to day operation side of the show. I learned that we have some very talented and dedicated guild members, who have given a lot of time over the past couple of years to make sure that this event was a success. And they have already started working on the 2011 show, when we will be hosting the event again. The 2010 show will be in Charlotte.

It was really interesting seeing a show from the vendor and volunteer side instead of the attendee side. I knew there was a lot of work involved in organizing these events but I did not realize the immense amount of planning and coordination that they actually take.

I was shocked at how fast we got the quilts down, organized and back to their owners. We started taking them down at 12:30 and we were handing them out by 1:15. So in 45 minutes, we had not only taken the quilts down, we had taken down all the poles. There were still vendors packing up, but the center of the gym was empty.

Next show for me...

The Carolina Longarm Association QuiltFest
September 18 & 19, 2009
Clemmons, NC

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