Monday, June 29, 2009

Isabella's Quilt

Several months ago I did a post about a friend's first two quilts. Last week she called and told me that there was another top on the way. This one is for her niece Isabella. Theresa is doing great work. Other then a 5 minute lesson in rotary cutting that we did when I was visiting in January, she has taught herself how to quilt.

I am sure that Isabella will love this pretty quilt. I decided that there were 3 zones in the quilt. The print is a really cute animal print.
The center zone is the print and lime green.

The inner border zone is the pink border with yellow corner stones.

The outer border zone is the rest of the quilt. I did wavy crosshatching in the outer border. A ferny treatment in the inner border. Then alternated wavy crosshatching and fireflowers in the center zone. I think it turn out really cute.

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