Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First Quilt

While we were in Florida in January, visiting friends, family and the House of the Mouse, we spent a couple days with some very special friends. Chris has been my husbands friends since they were kids and his wife Theresa is a wonderful person. We hit it off when we first met when we were in college. So, we have been friends with them for a LONG time!

Theresa mentioned to me that she wanted to learn to quilt. So off we went to the fabric store to buy a rotary cutter, ruler and mat. All I really had time to show her was how to use her new supplies. We cut 6.5 inch squares. Imagine my surprise when she called and told me that she had finished 2 tops and had several more started. So I need to get back down there to show her how to something new like half square triangles or borders.

Here is one of her first quilts while it was on my frame...
I used King Tut thread on the top. I love this bright variegated thread, it is called Cleopatra and I like to use it on bright quilts. The backing of the quilt is bright blue and I used a matching thread.

I love the VW Bug fabric. It is really fun. I did line dancing through out the quilt. I like the way it looks and it is quick.

I love all the fun fabrics. Theresa did a great job of putting fabrics together. It is a really cute quilt. Now I need to get the second quilt on the frame.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Scrapathon Quilt

I just squared up the this quilt. The pattern is Scrapathon by Thimbleberries and the quilter pieced it using Thimbleberries. The outer border has lots of different flowers in it. My Mom, the piecer, and I decide to quilt it with roses. It is all free hand. Roses in the outer boarder, a feather and hook design in the dark green border and whimsy with roses in the body of the quilt. It is really hard to see anything on the front of the quilt. You can barely see one of the roses in the body of the quilt and may be able to see the feather and hook in the green.

This picture gives you a little idea of the texture but the designs are still very hard to see. It is very had to see from the front in person.
But, boy oh boy, does it show on the back...

Here is another shot of the quilt back.
I think the quilt turned out nice and hope that Mom likes it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Currently on My Frame...

I thought I would post a couple pictures of the quilt currently on my frame. It is a Thimbleberries Scrapathon quilt made out of Thimbleberries fabric. The fabric in the border has a lot of different flowers in it. I decide to quilt roses in the outer border. Here is a shot of the one of the corners.
In the green inner border I am quilting a feather and swirl design.
I will be doing Whimsy with Roses in the body of the quilt. The backing is blue, which is why I chose blue thread. It is So Fine thread and is a light denim color.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Quick Quilt for a Good Cause

On Monday I got a call from a lady that was doing a quilt for an auction at the Marbles Kid's Museum in Raleigh. She was looking for someone that could help her with a quilt that she is donating for a fundraising auction. Things were not turning out as she had hoped, she went to Wish Upon a Quilt and they gave her my card. Luckily I was just getting ready to load a quilt when she called and was able to get her top on the frame right away. This is a large quilt... 92x105. It has 3 smallish borders. I did a ferny texture on the outside borders and then did the 2 inner borders together with offset swirls. I meandered the center to keep the center simple and let the piecing shine. For thread I used a light denim colored So Fine on top and Navy in the Bobbin.
It was nice to be able to be able to help out.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mom is out of her comfort zone.

My mom and dad came up for a quick visit. Mom brought her latest quilt. The colors are way out of her norm. It is a really bright and fun quilt
. This is a Moda U quilt pattern done in the Fresh line. It is really bright and happy

I did line dancing in the the squares on the corner
More line dancing on the center squares and triangles.

Swirls in the flowers and micro whimsy in the background. The top thread is King Tut and the bottom is fluorescent green bottomline.

I love the back of the quilt!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Go State?

Yes, I know that it is UNC in the NCAA finals tonight, but I have not made a UNC quilt and I just finished quilting a NC State quilt so I thought I would share it. At market last fall there was a company that sells kits college quilts. My mom and I made a Florida State quilt for my brother-in-law, a Georgia Tech quilt for Matt and I decided to get this NC State kit as well. The kits are neat because you get the fabric for the top and the embroidery is already done for you.
I had seen a quilt on the APQS forum which the quilter had done piano keys in the border and then had done the corner like the picture below. My Millie has vertical and horizontal channel locks that made this quick and extremely easy. I really like the way the corners turned out.
I have been playing with different ways that I can do line dancing. I have taken up doodling on post it notes. In my last post I showed a border that I had done a Sue Patten design on. Believe it or not this is the same design in the 2 inch red border.

This is my first attempt at micro-whimsy. Whimsy is my favorite, fast all over freehand design because you can throw so many different shapes into it to add interest.

Funny thing about pictures, you notice all the lint. Repeat after me... I will remember to use the lint brush before taking pictures of a quilt. :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Being busy is fun!

Between finishing customer quilts and looking for a new vehicle, I have been a little busier than normal. I love to be busy! Right now I am sitting in my studio looking at a beautiful quilt that needs to go on the frame this week. It is one that my mom pieced. She is coming up for a visit this week and bringing more tops. Yeah! She lets me do anything I want on them, which is wonderful! I have been watching Kim Brunner's Twirly Whirly Feathers DVD and I want to do feathers on this quilt. The quilt keeps telling me it wants feathers. I was going to load it on the frame, but she is bringing a top with her this she wants me to do first.

I also finished several quilts in the past few weeks. When I took the pictures of my studio there was a beautiful pieced State of Grace quilt on my frame. I had so much fun quilting this quilt. I got a lot of SID (stitch in the ditch) practice in. Plus I used a sashing design that Sue Patten taught us in one of the classes she taught in Greensboro.
I just had to do a little line dancing too. Line dancing is just too much fun!
Here is the border with Sue's sashing design. I have done this one on a couple of quilts now ranging from a 1.5 inch sash to this 6 inch border. It is a fast, fun design that I am sure that I will use often.