Friday, December 12, 2008

My new machine

I got an APQS Millennium longarm quilting machine. YEAH! I am posting pictures of my DH and I setting it up.

This machine has been a dream of mine for a couple of years. I got to go to Quilt Market in Houston and test drive all the longarms and midarms that were there and decided that yes I really did want the APQS. When I called DH to tell him that I had decided on which machine that I eventually wanted to buy he surprised me by telling me to go ahead a buy it.

It came in seven very large boxes that took up quite a bit of our garage. DH had taken a day of vacation to help me set it up So we start out with pieces and parts taking over our bonus room. :)

Here the machine is before the rollers were put on the frame. All shiny and new.

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  1. Veeerrrry Nice. Like the pic of Matt and the machine...he was bound and determined to put that thang together. Wasn't gonna' let it woop him. Haha! The checking the bobbin tension is always a good reminder. Even after having quilted for a while I have occasionally forgotten to check....dang it! Funny, I considered that blue background too, it looks really good. I saw the Wish Upon a Quilt blog too. It looked like a fun place. Would you want to take a trip down there